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Annual report 2013



Net sales 2014

€9,071 million

Operating profit excl. non-recurring items

€233 million


20 000

Breakdown of net sales in 2014 

Grocery trade 
€4,754 million


Home improvement and speciality goods trade
€ 3,324 million



Car and machinery trade €1,011 million







"When we bump into a customer between the shelves, we always greet them"



employees as our asset


”The fast development of digital services enables customers to shop via multiple channels irrespective of time and place. The growth of e-commerce and e-services combined with a comprehensive store network is a key competitive factor for Kesko.”

Mikko Helander, President & CEO

Review by the president and CEO




Kesko’s operations include the grocery trade, the home improvement and speciality goods trade, and the car and machinery trade.


Divisions in Brief






Case stories for 2014 describe how Kesko makes responsibility visible


Salad bars

Salad bars have challenged traditional lunch options

Responsibility made visible in building and home improvement stores

We help customers make responsible choices

Blue and White Footprint

A number of Finnish companies participate with us in the campaign promoting Finnish work



Tax exemptions with energy efficient building projects in Norway




The new online service makes shopping easy and convenient


All waste recycled

VV-Auto recycles nearly 100% of its waste

Local Food Dates connect people

We connect retailers and local producers


Social media has an impact

Customers started a discussion about plastic bags


Monitoring in China

Joe Liu helps Chinese factories

Donating food reduces wastage

The aim is to reduce food wastage by 10%

Youth Guarantee works

The Youth Guarantee in Kesko employed 1, 800 young people across Finland

Christmas Kettle

With K-stores’ support, the Finnish Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Collection helped those in need